Youth Specific


WHAT WE DO: New Zealand’s 24/7 helpline for children and teens, run by specially trained youth volunteers who can listen and offer support if someone under 14 is feeling down or needs to talk. helpline


0800 54 37 54 – free 24/7

WHAT WE DO: Provide an independent voice from children and young people to the care system, rather than an adult voice for them. They arrange connection events for youth in care to meet, have fun and share ideas with other children and young people.


WHAT WE DO: A place where kids and teens can call or chat online to talk to a teenage telephone counsellor about anything that might be on their mind., 0800 942 8787- free helpline Monday to Friday 12pm to 11pm and Sat and Sun 3pm to 11pm.


WHAT WE DO: A computer program provided by the University of Auckland that helps young people learn skills to deal with feeling down, depressed or stressed using cognitive behavioural therapy. or free text 3110 .


0508 477 279 – free helpline

WHAT WE DO: An online website targeted at youth with information and advice on all kind of mental health issues or even advice on things like starting school or living with a disability.  0800 111 757 – free 24/7 helpline, free text 5626 or mail:


WHAT WE DO: Netsafe has information on online bullying and abuse. They can give advice on what to do, and may be able to assist in resolving the issue. 0508 638 723 – free helpline, mail: or complete an online contact

form (


WHAT WE DO: Offers all kinds of online counselling and services for young people who need support. Also offers support for friends and family who need help supporting a young person who may be struggling. 0800 376 633 – free helpline, send a free text to 234



WHAT WE DO: Talk to a younger telephone counsellor for free at any time who can listen and talk through any challenges a young person may be having with their own, or someone else’s, gambling.
N 0800 654 659 – free 24/7 helpline