Become A Sponsor Of The New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild Trust

The business communities of New Zealand can help the Police Managers’ Guild Trust make a real difference to local communities.

How? By sponsoring the Trust

The Trust has two key objectives

  1. Educate New Zealanders with useful information that helps people avoid becoming victims of crime
  2. Provide funding to groups dealing with victims of crime and crime prevention programs

The Trust produces information that assists victims of crime and helps prevent crime. Over four million journals have been distributed free to homes throughout New Zealand.

The booklets and website are widely recognised and serve the needs of business people, support groups, government and the general public.

The Trust has returned over three million dollars to community groups in need of support.

Support the Police Managers’ Guild Trust by becoming a sponsor.

You can call us on 04-801-0840 to speak to a team member about sponsoring the trust or fill in the form below.

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