Being a Positive Parent

Being a parent is an awesome responsibility but one which is enormously rewarding. When people become parents they get a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire a new generation of adults who care about themselves, others and their environment, thereby creating better and safer communities for all. Families, whether big or small, one parent or two are at the core of our society.

Values and attitudes that prevail in homes are the same values and attitudes, which will prevail in our communities. This is why the Managers Guild, who have sponsored this booklet, believe it is important that parents receive positive information that will help them not only become better parents but to also enjoy the experience much more. This booklet is not intended to be a manual for parenthood, because parenting can never be “done by the book”.

However it is designed to have many helpful tips, which might help you develop yourselves as a positive role model for children. It might also help you cope with the inevitable stresses that come with parenthood and give you more time to help your children with the care and attention they need and deserve. If we have safe happy families we have safe and happy communities. All parents want their children to grow up in a safe environment.

The Police, welfare agencies and many other groups help to make the community safe for children with education and enforcement programmes, but parents ultimately have the greatest role to play. It offers constructive advice and tips to help parents create a happy, safe home, and perhaps more importantly, it helps parents show their kids how they can act responsibly and be safe away from home.

However, if there is one piece of advice that all parents should take on board, it is simply to talk to our kids. Communication is our most valuable tool. If we spend regular time with our kids and make sure we talk with them, we can understand them better. And they might just get to understand us better.

That is the Managers Guild goal with its community safety/crime prevention campaigns, which include booklets such as this. This booklet also reinforces the message that as parents, we all need to “walk the walk” and present positive role models. We can only expect our children to do as we do; not do as we say.