Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

All employers should have a written and clearly-spelt-out drug and alcohol policy in place. It is important for employees to feel safe and secure enough to be able to come forward and admit it when you have a substance abuse problem, which is why an official workplace policy should be supportive rather than threatening. As long as an employee is willing to get help, they should be given a chance to go to rehab and get clean, without being scared that they will lose their jobs.

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Better parenting

Our children are our future, and we have the awesome responsibility of being their guardians. Parenting is also a lot of fun, if we allow it to be.


Aiming to keep kids safe

Good parents – those who provide a caring and loving environment for their children – have nothing to fear from the law change designed to keep kids safe.


Keeping our children safe

Kiwis have been horrified in recent years by several widely publicised accounts of children dying in gruesome circumstances that almost defy imagining.


Safer communities

We all have a part to play in our community. Here are some ways you can help make safer communities in New Zealand and people who can help you.


Keep our children safe

Keep our children safe KOS is a personal safety programme that gives children and young people the skills to cope with situations that might entail abuse.